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Visionary Artist Sheila Dodds

Angel Painting by Sheila Dodds

Welcome to Angel Oil Paintings

My Belief in Angels has led me on a spiritual path which has changed my life.

As a child, I believed in Angels. I remember a prayer that my mother taught me.

The Children’s Prayer which ended:

May Angels guard us while we sleep
Till morning light appears.

This awoke a knowing in me that we are always surrounded and protected by Angels, and I was comforted knowing that they were there. Later in life I became more aware of the presence of Angels near me. I decided that I would study them. I found that the more I read about them the closer I felt to them.

My passion for painting also began in childhood, when my father gave me a set of oils paints. I loved the creamy texture of the paint and how this gave the paint life on the canvas.

I found that oils have a living quality. They need time to dry. Sometimes a day or two but this can be up to a year depending on how thickly I paint. This gives the oils crystalline qualities time to work and the illumination to shine through.

Angel Paintings by Sheila Dodds

Thirty years ago, I decided I wanted to share my love of painting with others. I took my qualifications for art and then for teaching at Southdowns College. As a result, I taught Art for 25 years becoming a demonstrator to art groups and running my own painting holidays.

During this time I painted Angels in my painting sessions and realized that this was what I really wanted to do. For the last two years I have devoted my time and energy to painting Angels in oils.

My inspiration comes from Nature and Spirit, I ask the Angels to guide me. Often as I sit at my easel I would have no idea what I am going to paint.

How I started the painting process was with meditation, with my paints by my side, I would start to paint the background. This could be known as a colourscape which has an ethereal quality.

When it’s time to paint the Angels I let my brush dance on the page; I feel that the brush has a life of its own.

I would like to invite you to share with me my love for painting and for painting Angels which brings great comfort and joy to me and hopefully to everyone who looks at them will feel the same. I have enjoyed creating and painting them for you. I hope that you will like them and that they convey an individual message to you.

These are difficult times at present and I hope that perhaps these paintings will bring you peace and harmony into your life by viewing them.

I would love to have any feedback that you would like to share with me.

25% of the sale of all paintings will go to charity. ‘Children in Need,’ ‘Smile’ or ‘Water Aid’.